Microscopy Services

Microscopy Services:

QFI offers temperature mapping services, as well as Failure Analysis/IC Debug services utilizing InfraScopeTM and QuantumScopeTM systems.

QFI Corporate HQ and Microscopy Services Lab

All services performed in QFI Microscopy Services Laboratory located in QFI’s 7,500 square foot Vista, California facilities.  Service includes microscope operation by a QFI applications engineer. The full range of QFI Microscopy solutions can be engaged on a contract service basis:

QuantumScopeTM Microscope

  • emmiTM Photoemission Microscopy
  • XIVATM LSIM Laser Signal Injection Microscopy
  • Thermal-HS MWIR Hot Spot Detection Microscopy

InfraScopeTM Microscope

For Failure Analysis projects, QFI provides data on CD, DVD or memory stick (.jpg or .tif overlay images as shown at right).

For Temperature Measurement Microscopy Services, documentation provided includes InfraScopeTM  proprietary job files and InfraScopeTM  viewer software to allow viewing and analyzing the data images any PC.

All special test fixtures are to be supplied by the customer. Scheduling of Microscopy Services is subject to system.

You are welcome to request additional information via the information request link:

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