T°Imager™ Thermoreflectance Temperature Mapping Solution:

T°Imager™ captures temperature field images with visible light. Changes in surface temperature are measured by detecting changes in reflectivity of the sample surface. Pixel-by-pixel calibration via coefficient of thermal reflectance map ensures accurate temperature throughout the entire image. This calibration mapping delivers performance and accuracy improvement over previous-generation thermoreflectance systems, which allow input of only a single coefficient of thermal reflectance and correspondingly limited temperature accuracy.  Like the primary InfraScope™ system, T°Imager™ resolves temperature differential of 0.1 °C. Offering very high spatial resolution (down to 0.2 µm) the T°Imager™ is a welcome enhancement to the InfraScope™ for engineers facing ever-shrinking design rules.

4 micron wide, gold micro-resistor activated at 35 mA highlights very high resolution of T°Imager

T°Imager™ is normally an optional technique on the InfraScope™ system, but is also available in a standalone microscope format. T°Imager™ consists of a microscope optical head, control box, PC controller, 512 x 512 bit CCD camera, integrated lens turret, visible or visible-NIR objectives, and a nano-positioning chuck. Device illumination is achieved via exchangeable LED modules or an integrated, multi-wavelength, tunable light source guided to the light port by a fiber-optic cable. The tunable light source enables adjustment of illumination color and intensity to ensure optimal signal to noise ratio for any material and magnification level. The solution provides an output trigger to pulse activate the device under test (DUT) and to synchronize image acquisition to the on/off states of the DUT. Temperature changes between on/off states create reflectivity changes at the DUT surface, which are captured by the high performance CCD camera.

Intuitive user interface enables viewing and positioning of DUT, control of data acquisition process, and display of the resulting temperature field. T°Imager™ software enables thorough analysis and visualization of the temperature map data, as well as data export to popular formats.

InfraScope™ broadly addresses applications from steady-state to high-speed transients with macro-to-micro investigation capabilities. T°Imager™ brings submicron resolution to the world’s leading temperature measurement microscope system.

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