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InfraScopeTM Temperature Measurement Microscope Systems:

Founded in 1997 as a spin off of EDO/Barnes Engineering, a world-renowned pioneer in the field of IR detectors, QFI’s involvement in temperature measurement microscopy can be traced back several decades. Today, QFI’s InfraScope™ is clearly established as the world’s leading temperature measurement microscope solution. The InfraScope™ has broad placement in both industry and research institutions.  The primary InfraScope™ platform is a 2D MWIR temperature mapping microscope with high-resolution and high sensitivity. To enhance the investigation of thermal events transitioning at very fast rates, QFI offers the Transient-IR option, which provides MWIR transient temperature-versus-time plotting at microsecond timing resolution.  Continuing a strong history of innovation, QFI introduced in mid-2013 the T°Imager™ solution, a very high resolution thermoreflectance temperature mapping option developed via our partnership with TMX Scientific, Inc.

QFI Offers Cryogenically Cooled MWIR Sensors for Temperature Mapping Requirements (512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 Versions Available)

As with the QuantumScopeTM platform, QFI has designed the InfraScopeTM family of products to enable installation of multiple sensors on a single core system. The same system will accommodate an InSb camera (MWIR sensor) with temperature mapping function along with a Transient-IR (MWIR) single element  temperature detector, and the T°Imager™ CCD. Heat radiates in the infrared spectral range, and the QFI’s MWIR sensors and cameras are capable of capturing these radiant emissions. Custom objective lenses made with infrared transmissive materials such as silicon, germanium, sapphire, and zinc selenide complete the optical path between DUT and sensor. The T°Imager™ solution on the other hand is a visible light thermoreflectance based solution that captures temperature field changes by mapping changes in surface reflectivity against changes in temperature. Please select the  links below to see details of QFI’s current InfraScopeTM temperature measurement microscopy solutions:

Sensors are mounted on a movable (slide-based) stage, and objective lenses are mounted on a turret.  This design minimizes the optical path to simply the selected microscope objective lens and the camera (or other sensor), which avoids extending relays, beam splitters and folds in the optical path. The unique optical design eliminates unnecessary optical interfaces and dramatically reduces introduction of optical aberrations from reflection, deflection, scattering, and absorption. Optical quality and reliability are preserved. QFI’s optical purist approach offers a distinct data collection and signal preservation advantage over more complex (but less efficient) optical paths relying on relays, splitters, and folds.

Different laboratory environments and applications drive customers to seek different mechanical platforms for optical path support and DUT interface. QFI has designed a family of standard mechanical platforms, which answer the majority of application requirements. If customer requirements diverge from standard solutions, QFI will design custom mechanical platforms and analytical solutions for such unique requirements.  Please select the link below to visit the mechanical platforms page:

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