ICE Acquires QuantumScope

ICE Acquires QFI QuantumScope for Failure Analysis Laboratory

Vista, CA – March 27, 2015

Innovative Circuits Engineering (ICE), a Silicon Valley IC test services business, has expanded their semiconductor failure analysis (FA) offerings through the acquisition of a QuantumScope FA microscope from Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation (QFI) of Vista, CA. The QuantumScope design includes a unique multi-sensor optical head, which has mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) hot spot detection, photoemission, and laser signal injection microscopy (LSIM) techniques integrated to the same optical inspection platform. ICE engineers are now able to investigate semiconductor devices with all three primary optical FA techniques without moving between systems or changing set-up conditions. This multi-sensor optical head design greatly enhances device throughput and defect capture rates.

Multi-Sensor Optical Head

Semiconductor FA engineers generally talk of their investigation work in terms of seeking the root cause of failures on a DUT (shorthand for device under test). Failure conditions often mimic operation of the DUT in real world applications. It can be a frustrating process for the engineer facing a DUT that has an elusive or intermittent defect. When an engineer is able to coax such a recalcitrant DUT into exhibiting the defect state under investigation, it becomes a race to determine the defect mechanisms involved before being forced to move the DUT to another type of inspection tool and start the investigation process all over. The multi-sensor optical head of the QuantumScope leverages an engineer’s time by allowing inspection of the DUT with multiple FA techniques on the same system, without moving the device or altering electrical biasing conditions. ICE engineers expect this approach of multiple FA techniques in a single system will lead directly to faster turn-around for customers in ICE’s primary test services market in Silicon Valley.

The QFI system has been in operation at ICE since the first week of March 2015. QFI and ICE have a mutually beneficial working relationship, under which QFI technical staff provides enhanced support to ICE applications staff, and QFI has access to ICE’s facilities for customer demonstrations in Silicon Valley.

About QFI:

QFI was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from industry pioneer Barnes Engineering Division of EDO Corporation. Tracing their history to the middle of last century through predecessor Barnes, QFI has been a leading supplier of FA and temperature measurement microscopes for decades longer than most of its competitors have existed. LSIM techniques were added to the QFI product mix via the 2006 acquisition of OptoMetrix, Inc.  For additional details, please visit

About ICE:

Since 1991, ICE has offered IC Reliability test services in Silicon Valley. Services include IC Qualification, Burn-in, HAST, Temperature Cycle, Environmental Testing, ESD/Latch-UP, Failure Analysis, and PCB Design and Assembly. Certification and accreditations include ISO9001, ISO17025, and ‘Laboratory Suitability’ awarded by DLA Land & Maritime. For more detail, please visit

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