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 QuantumScope Failure Analysis Microscopy Systems
 InfraScope Temperature Measurement Microscope Systems
 Microscopy Services

QFI Technical Papers
 Dynamic Thermal Laser Signal Injection (T-LSIM) on AC Propagation Failures (IRPS 2005)
 Optical Microscopy (EDFAS Desk Reference 2004)
 New Applications of Thermal Laser Signal Injection Microscopy (ISTFA 2003)
 Infrared Microthermography for Integrated Circuit Fault Isolation; Sensitivity and Limitations (ISTFA 2002)
 Optimizing Backside Image Quality (ISTFA 2002)
 Advanced LIVA/TIVA Techniques (ISTFA 2001)
 Emissivity-Corrected Infrared Thermal Pulse Measurement on Microscopic Semiconductor Targets (SPIE 2001)
 Near IR Absorption in Heavily Doped Silicon (ISTFA 2000)
 True Temperature Measurements on Microscopic Semiconductor Targets (SPIE 1999)
 Microthermal Imaging in the Infrared (Electronics Cooling 1997)
 Dynamic Differential Thermal Measurements for Reliability and Failure Analysis (ISTFA 2013)

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