About QFI

About QFI:

Company History

Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from EDO/Barnes Engineering. EDO/Barnes was a well-known pioneer in IR detectors and systems (first infrared microscope 1963), as well as in the field of photoemission microscopy. IP, patents, technology and applications expertise were transferred to QFI in order to support QFI’s goals to manufacture and market failure analysis and temperature measurement microscopy systems.

QFI has maintained an innovative approach to microscopy systems for failure analysis and temperature measurement.

  • Pioneering development of tester docking platform (at Barnes, 1995)
  • Introduction of High-Speed Transient Temperature Detector (1998)
  • Recognized need for, and developed multi-sensor systems (2001)
  • Added Laser Signal Injection Microscopy (LSIM) to sensor suite (2004)
  • Introduced LabWalkerTM portable platform to bridge applications between fixed prober/ATE requirements and more flexible lab environments (2005)
  • Development of  Time Resolved Emission (PICA) sensor (2007)
  • Introduction of micro-RamanTM Temperature Mapping for high resolution thermal measurements (2007)
  • Acquisition of OptoMetrix (Laser Signal Injection Microscopy experts) expanded QFI’s in-house technology and product development opportunities (2006).


QFI values retention of quality personnel across all functional areas, and seeks entrepreneurial-minded employees as the best way to foster a customer focus throughout the organizations.

Executive Team

Founder, and President: Grant Albright.  Prior to founding QFI, Mr. Albright applied his training in physics to a variety of IR detection and imaging problems in the aerospace industry. He lead one of the earliest efforts in IR focal plane R&D at Hughes and has written numerous technical papers on IR detectors and applications. In his role as team leader, Albright expanded the Hughes technology into commercial applications via EDO/Barnes Engineering. Mr. Albright spun off this technology from EDO/Barnes in 1997 and founded QFI.

Vice President of New Business Development: Dr. R. Aaron Falk. Dr. Falk came onboard when the company he founded in 1995, OptoMetrix, was acquired by QFI in 2006. Trained in physics and experienced in aerospace industry applications, he has developed a wide array of optical instruments. Dr. Falk is named on more than thirty-five patents. His development work in Laser Signal Injection Microscopy led to the patented XIVA technique for fault isolation.  At QFI, Dr. Falk is responsible for identifying and developing IC analysis tools for the future.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Joseph Greger.  Mr. Greger comes to QFI with more than twenty years experience marketing and selling analytical systems to Failure Analysis, Quality, Reliability R&D, and IC Debug groups in the semiconductor industry. He has held a series of V.P. positions managing internal and external sales channel partners on a worldwide basis. At QFI, Mr. Greger is responsible for anticipating customer requirements and structuring a resource network so that customers have the information and support they need at all times.

QFI Chief Scientist: Chun-Pang Li.  Mr. Li has spent more than twenty years developing infrared detectors and electro-optical technologies.  He has considerable experience in optics, optical lens design, and optical systems design dating back to his previous work for Hughes Aircraft Company and Barnes Engineering.  Mr. Li is QFI’s in-house mathematician and has spent a fair amount of effort modeling, explaining and predicting the performance of the QFI infrared microscope products.


QFI’s is headquartered in Vista, California in a 7,500 square foot facility.  Corporate management, optical and hardware development, engineering, and administrative support reside in this facility.  Final assembly and test of all QFI systems takes place in Vista. Sales, marketing, and field service are distributed to key regions reflective of customer concentrations.

QFI operates worldwide support facilities in Northwest US, Japan, and an Asia-Pacific support center in the Philippines (EU support center opens September 2010).  QFI maintains its OptoMetrix division in Renton, WA and a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Los Angles, CA. The OptoMetrix division produces laser-scanning systems  and is responsible for development of new sensor technology. The Los Angles facility manufactures major mechanical components, including light tight boxes and multi-sensor optical heads.

Mission Statement

  • While constantly developing sensors and systems in anticipation of evolving failure analysis microscopy and temperature measurement requirements, continue to provide customers in industry and academia current solutions of the highest possible performance value.